I am an artist and photographer based in London. In my series based photographic work I am interested in narratives and experiences of the everyday, that sit within, jolt against and speak about wider society and the world we occupy. I work with themes around time, impermanence, commemoration, everyday life experiences and death. The micro and macro of ordinary lives.


The veracity of the photograph and its reputation as a kind-of truth and story-teller is manipulated and played with throughout my practice. I approach my work in a playful way, I use accidents and serendipity, chance, trust and mistakes.


I completed an MA in photography at London College of Communication in December 2010. In October 2011 my work was featured in a site-specific solo exhibition in the Bradford photography festival ‘Ways of Looking’. My work has been published in Source Magazine, BJP online, Axisweb, The Yorkshire Post, Telegraph and Argus and in the festival catalogue, ’Ways of Looking: Evidence’ edited by Anne McNeill.

I am a qualified lecturer and have been teaching and leading photography courses in Further and Higher Education for over 20 years. I am a dedicated year lead and senior Lecturer in Photography at University of Hertfordshire.



07809 626309

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