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I am a London based artist and photographer.  In my work I am interested in narratives and experiences of the everyday, that sit within, jolt against and speak about wider society and the world we occupy. I work with a range of themes -  time, impermanence, commemoration, death, everyday life experiences, domesticity, society, nature, feminism, health, family histories - the micro and macro of ordinary lives.


The veracity of the photograph and its reputation as a kind-of truth and story-teller is manipulated and played with throughout my practice. I approach my work in a playful way, I use accidents and serendipity, chance, trust and mistakes. I follow my nose and trust my instincts.


I left a pretty boring office job and entered full time photographic education as a ‘mature’ student at 21 with little qualifications. My interest had been sparked by an adult education night class in photography in Halifax. From here I went to Staffordshire University graduating in 1997 and into industry as a photographer and illustrator, I slowly moved into teaching, gaining a teaching qual in 2002. It was not until 2009 that I signed up for an MA at LCC, graduating in 2010.


I am a dedicated year lead and senior Lecturer in Photography at University of Hertfordshire

Always happy to hear from people...please do get in touch..


07809 626309

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